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You’re married or in a relationship or have been married or in a relationship.

Your chicks have left the nest

You agree life is hard…and FUNNY!

The kids may be gone but everything else stayed behind . . . including their messy rooms!

It seems we have replaced the business of kids with the business of other things. A more accurate description of my empty nest would be my EMPTY MESS!

Empty Mess came about because I was not adjusting very well to my new title of “Empty Nester”.  The truth is, I just wasn’t prepared for how lonely I would feel. 

For years I didn’t pay much attention to my husband.  I’ve discovered he is really funny and really smart with a mind full of ridiculous and curious facts. 

Our days may not be filled with kids anymore, but we are making some adjustments and getting to know each other again. 

Recently I started to write our experiences down. 

This got me thinking – maybe other Mom’s, Dad’s and even Grandparents feel this way too?  Wouldn’t it be fun to share my stories and start the conversation?

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Enjoy! ~Stephanie 

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The kids may be gone but everything else stayed behind . . . including their messy rooms!


Stephanie Mason-Teague

Empty Messer, Creator / Curator