I love using coffe ground enhances nitrogen to the soil has helped produce such juicy mangoes! Great for fruit trees and flowers ! Never tried for the grass I’ll have to see but grass may need nitrogen too. I know this is true for sandy soil so here in our area maybe just what we need. Tell Bill thanks for extra cup of coffee- cheers my friend ☕️ ☕️!!

Well turmeric and peppers activation - yes awesome antioxidants for our crazy toxic food! Apple cider vinegar great post biotic - short chain fatty acid to also help with inflammation and disease reversal - don’t recall the rest of the witches brew but not bad !! Maybe just not all together 😃😝😉❤️ Love you blog

New things - new activities keeps us young ! Love it 😍

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I sometimes recycle my coffee grounds into my garden (haven't tried the lawn yet - thanks for the idea)! I think the acid can be helpful for some plants.

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